the reason your programming language has any redeeming qualities at all

Erik Falor | Free Software and Linux Club | March 6, 2019


Follow along with the presentation in a Scheme REPL (Windows users can connect with PuTTY )

$ ssh scheme@unnovative.net
scheme@unnovative.net's password: baby shark

(((Welcome to the CHICKEN Scheme REPL v5.0.0)))
You may log out of this system with the '(exit)' function.
Have fun!
#;1> "Hello, Scheme!"
Hello, Scheme!

Presentation slides

Check out this clever Scheme Tutorial presented as a work of Interactive Fiction. This is perhaps the most unique Scheme implementation I have ever come across, as it's entirely implemented in Z-code (a programming language desinged by Infocom for the Zork text adventure game). It includes a Scheme manual with all the information needed to solve each puzzle in the game. It starts off simple, but the last challenge is a real mind-bender! This is a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.